Speed up, Slow down, Turn around and Sing LOUD

Hello, and thank you for tuning in for another episode of… WHAT IS AUSTIN DOING!?

This month has been yet another incredible group of days. I have been stressing, expressing, recording, performing, writing, relaxing, and LOVING LIFE.

Also… after a three hour trip to the DMV, I became an official Tennessean… CRAZY!

Okay, before I start the play by play, let me just say how thankful I am to all of you who have been supporting the release of my new EP “An American Story.” The music was completely funded by YOU and every penny had a monumental purpose in this project. As of now we are finishing up mixing and mastering and will be working on finding a release date for the fall… THANK YOU SO MUCH

So after a week of recording I was NW bound. On my way I made quick stop to play a show in SLC, Utah…. What a beautiful place!

We had some great company and a lot of laughs. I was able to hang out and do some camping, storytelling, and exploring. It rained a little, but we made the best of our time. SLC was the beginning of a very “zen-like” trip…

(Riding quads is quite the work out on your shoulders and forearms. I definitely think I will be getting one of these one day. For a minute I found my Chi, but I lost it when I almost drove off a 100 ft. cliff... whew... that was close.)

After having way to much fun, I flew into Seattle and headed up to Orcas Island for some family time. There were over 30 of us there for 7 days, for an annual family reunion that has been happening for close to 40 years. I am so happy to have such a supportive and loving family. This past week was an experience of a lifetime and it is exactly what I needed!

(I had to put this Ling Cod back, he wasn't legal at the time, but boasted a decent 12 lbs. and a little over 20 inches... Note to self: don't go fishing in the ocean in a row boat!)


After vacation time was over, we set out for Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville, Washington to play a benefit concert for Washington State Firefighters. It was a moving experience to be surrounded buy such brave and hard working individuals. Men and Women that serve everyday, and are passionate about what they do… Gotta love it!

The show went well….It was so good to see some familiar faces… being home has been nothing short of AMAZING!

This week I have a couple more performances lined up around the PNW. It is looking like the summer will be filled with great people and I can’t wait to make some new memories as well as share some of the old ones!

If you are up north please come out to Eagle Haven Winery on Friday August 3rd at 7pm. Visit www.eaglehavenwinery.com for more details.

If you are in the Seattle area this Saturday August 4th, come on out to Whidbey Island for a festival you will not forget! It’s a short 15 minute ferry ride and the concert is only a 5 minute drive once your are on the island Click the image below for more info on this amazing event.

I hope you will share some of your time with me this summer and I hope I can share some of my new music with you. It has been only six months since I have left Washington State, and the story continues with great expectation. I hope to continually be a part of your journey as well as my own.

In one word if I would have to explain my life it would have to be, blessed. Being able to do what I love has been a surreal experience. I am trying to understand how lucky I am, and by sharing life through music I have learned that I am more and more thankful everyday for the people that continue to support me and my dream.

I truly look forward to seeing YOU very soon.


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